Live meeting

Live meeting


  1. Call us at (+81)-6-6131-5881 or send us an email to receive 9-digits session number for access permit to join web-meeting.
    Enter in the 9-digits session number and your email address information, and then click on "send" button.
  2. Starting new session[Fig.1] session
    Follow the below instruction to start a session. Please confirm before clicking on "OK" button.
    Click the "quit" button to end this session.
    (Only functions shown in green color are useable. Please inform us in order to get a permission to use function shown in orange color)
    • Share Control for Application
    • Request Control for Application
    • Share Control for Desktop
    • Request Control for Desktop
    • Control priority is determined by the order of mouse or keyboard actions
    • File upload or download (note: there is no confirmation message shown before an action is made)
    • [Fig. 2] Permit application sharingActions are made based on direct observation of the current file system.
    • Share system information (OS, hardware, web browser)
    • If you need to restart your computer, please log in with different user ID.


Go to Control Panel -> Add&Remove Program, and remove the programs listed below. Please note that ActiveX will also be deleted by doing this action.
  • WebEx
  • WebEx生産性向上ツール
  • WebEx Support Manager for Internet Explorer

Important Notice:

  • If you allow all access permit, confusion may occurs that cause sharing process to continue in an unxpected behaviour.
  • All icon and file is visible when desktop is shared between two groups.
  • To share applications, select the indicated application you would like to share and press "Share" button on the pop-up dialog box.
  • Please note that application becomes invisible when a shared application is hidden behind an unshared application.
  • If you shared control for applications and want to have the control access again, double-clicking your mouse to get the control return to you.
  • [Fig. Icon Tray]It is possible to stop application/desktop sharing using triangular button located in the icon bar.
  • In case the font size is too small, click "Sharing"[Sharing] button to change the window setting.
  • To change language setting, go to [Join] Support Session Select Language and change the language as you desire. After the setting changes, click on the "Join" button to jump into new session entry page。


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ActiveX works with Internet Explorer, while JavaScript runs under Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6(SP 1) or higher
Latest version of Firefox
Mozilla 1.7 or higher
Safari 5.0 or higher
Latest version of Chrome

Compatible Operating System (OS)

Windows XP SP3
Windows 2003 Server 32bit/64bit
Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
Windows 7 32bit/64bit
Windows 8 32bit/64bit

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