Tool for remeshing around spot-welds Aranea

Aranea Remeshing Tool for Welding Spots Spot welding for fatique-analysis
Tool for mesh quality improvement
Fully automatic Input:NASTRAN file Output:NASTRAN file
Case study using Aranea


  • Lower cost and less time spent for spot-welds modelling of fatique analysis
    Designing parts with spot-welds requires in general the optimization of number and its best location for welding spots. Benefit of using Arenea is the automation of overall process, making the modelling time much faster, which also links to reduction in operating cost. This software is used for modelling of spot-welds, while FEMFAT nugget model is covered as well.
  • Features:
    1. Mesh quality improvement for meshes at the surroundings of 8-edges nugget model
    2. Auto-calculation of current mesh size, estimated from the mesh size at the surrounding of nugget model
    3. User-friendly operation mode: 1)command-line, 2)GUI
    4. No halt between modelling of spot-welds and the modification of its surrounding, making the overall process fully automated
    5. Two types of mesh modification mode: 1)Overall spot-welds, 2)Selected meshes only
    6. Input/Output : NASTRAN file

Operating System

OS 64bit Windows XP、Windows 7(recommended)
64bit Windows Server 2008
32bit Windows XP、Windows 7
License type Floating license
License is shared via network server, and multiple licenses can be used simultaneously up to the maximum number available.
Input/Output: NASTRAN file