Tool for auto generation of mid-surface meshes (LATONA)

Shape Recognition LATONA Automatic Mesh Generating System Tool for auto generation of mid-surface meshes mid-surface, preliminary selection of arbitrary designated surface Shape simplification (ignorance of any unwanted shape) LECTA-included
L-type meshing process
Selection of arbitrary designated surface
Rib offset mode
  • Offseting rib with its original size is possible for parts indicated previously in LATONAvi pre-process.
  • Mesh other than its mid-position can be generated for parts defined previously in LATONAvi pre-process as designated-surface.


  1. Basic functions
    • Selectable mesh size
    • Various type of elements (QUAD,TRIA)
    • Good quality mesh outputy
  2. Shape recognition
    • Fillet
    • T-type, V-type, Y-type ribs, etc.
    • Small steps
  3. Shape simplification
    • Small steps
    • Ribs with thickening parts
    • Logo
  4. Others
    • Thickness measurement
    • Pre-process Navigator (LATONAvi)
    • Post-process Navigator (LATONAvi)

How to use LATONA

There is a need to firstly convert your CAD file into HyperMesh(HM) file, and then drag&drop the HM file into LATONA graphic user interface.
In case of mid-surface meshes imperfection, LATONAvi may be used as pre-process or post-process tools to obtain better final results.

Operating environment

Operating System (OS)Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server2016,Windows Server2019 (64bit)
MemoryLarger than 8 Giga Byte/td>
Mesh EngineHyperMesh(14.0,2017,2019)
Input fileHyperMesh binary file, CAD file (IGES, etc.)
Output fileHyperMesh binary file, NASTRAN file
License typeFloating license
License is shared via network server, and multiple licenses can be used simultaneously up to the maximum number available.