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Generate mid-surface mesh



LATONA8 can generate "desirable" mid-surface mesh with high-traceability & LATONAvi operation Advantages   POINT Reduce development time Reduce manual work Improve output stability LATONAvi flexible operation

Shape Learning

Shape representation

LATONA8 can show high-traceability of complecated shapes by using unique shape recognition technology


Unique shape representation method (Patented Technology)

LATONA8 firstly recognizes the entire model shape with reference to a flat surface and categorizes into

1. Rising surface(Inner line)

2. Lowing surface(Outer line)

→Proper edges recognition improves the entire accuracy of shape recognition
Outer line and inner line

Diverse shape recognition

LATONA8 can recognize geometrical outline and diverse shapes by calculating data of

〇Fillet center-line

〇Flange width

〇Rib hight, etc.,

shape recognition

Unique Features

Automatically generate mid-surface mesh and dramatically reduce manual work Highly recommended for designers and analysis experts Shape recognition Mid-mesh position calculation Mesh generation Fillet open Mesh check and collection Output mid-mesh Fully automated / semi-auto-process improves efficincy formid-mesh modeling Perfect tool for remote work User can control mesh rule for each feature in modeling LATONA8 computes4x fasterthan the previous version

Mesh control

LATONA8 can control mesh pattern for each feature, especially for fillet, hole, and cylinder

Mesh control of fillet

  • Automatic control of division number based on fillet radius
  • Selectable error modification methods for recognized minimum length error(open fillet/eliminate fillet)
mesh control of fillet

Mesh control of rib

  • Automatic control of divison number based on rib height
  • Selectable error modification methods for recognized minimum length error(extend rib/shorten rib)
mesh control of rib

Mesh control of hole

  • Automatic control of division number based on hole radius
  • Automatic washer generation with control of
    washer layer, division number and washer width based on hole radius
mesh control of hole

Mesh error modification

Select an optimum approach for mesh control

Widen the edge width

  • Feature width is less than the required minimum pitch size
    →Conduct fillet open;Widen the edge width
mesh error modification

Reduce the number of triangle meshes

  • Control of mesh division number
    →Create rectangular meshes using mesh division control function
mesh error modification

Mesh flow

×Recognize features grouping
⇒Unable to recognize the main mesh flow
⇒Bad-quality mesh flow
mesh error modification
General software
◎Align meshes as the main mesh flow
⇒Keep mesh flow during mash error modification
Good-quality mesh flow
mesh error modification


LATONA8 can automatically assemble the connection models of resin and sheet-metal parts
3D CAD design model Single part Assembly Input Face matching Mesh generation Error modification Resin parts Resinpart instrument paneldoor components (screws)(clips) Sheet-metal parts PipeSheet metal PipeSheet metal Welding connections (bead-welds) (spot-welds) Mid-surface mesh generation

Attached Software'LATONAvi'

Assist tool to dramatically improve the mid-mesh result Highly recommended for analysis experts Shape recognition Recognition ofreference surfaces Inner/Outer lines generation mid-surface generation After the completion of mid-mesh generation process, go to any step STOP 【LATONA7】 -Modification can only be done on mesh →A lot of time is required for modeling 【LATONA8】 -User can manually change automatic recognition result in the middle of process →Reduce modeling time User can choose 3 patterns: *Fully automatic operation *Step-by-step operation *Reversible operation

Mid-process modification

User can check and modify current result in the middle of process or after process completed with LATONAvi

In the middle of process

  • Jump from LATONA8 GUI directly to LATONAvi
  • Modify mid-process from stopped step

After processing LATONA8

  • Restart processing by reading log file
  • Modify automatic result at each step


By presetting specific parts with LATONAvi, LATONA8 can recognize special assembly and generate controled mesh
Face matching ◎Generate exactly the same mesh pattern for selected surfaces as match surface Part1 Face matching Specify the surfaces for face-matching Part2 Assembly of parts and connectors ◎Automatic recognition and meshing between parts & connectors Input data Assy:part models Sub-Assy:connectors(screw/clips/welds)


This feature can help to share operation and modification rule among all users
Easy operation for non-expert user 〇LATONAvi is a easy & user-friendly tool for non-CAE expert operators to modify result By using Know-how page, operator can check shared information 〇Accepted program language isHTML 〇The contents of LATONAvi can be easily changed by just replacing the HTML files

Simple operation

LATONA8 Graphical User Interface(GUI)

Easy 3 operation steps
【STEP1】 Prepare CAD input file and 2 parameter files as shown below ①CAD model ②Quality file ③Control file 【STEP2】 Simply drag & drop CAD model files on LATONA8 Graphic User Interface(GUI) 【STEP3】 Set 2 parameters to define the final mesh criteria Quality file Minimum pitch Maximum pitch Aspect ratio... Control file Rule of fillet mesh Rule of mesh flow...


ⅰ.Right-click the LATONA8 GUI

ⅱ. As the selection menu is displayed, choose LATONAvi8

ⅲ. LATONAvi8 GUI will be launched automatically

ⅳ. Click the Tree icon to open tree menu

ⅴ. Select "Start LATONAvi8" and it is now ready to start modification


Example of operating modification feature in LATONAvi8

ⅰ.Choose "Start LATONAvi8"

ⅱ.Choose "STEP1:Shape Recognition"

ⅲ.Choose "Read Model" and "Modification:1st Modification" to read model


ⅳ.Click "Component" and select modification component

(The selected component ID will be displayed in the box)


ⅴ.Click "Category" and select appropriate category & click OK

(The selected component ID will be changed its color )



ⅵ.After completing modification, click "Execute LATONA8" and select "Next Stop"

(Specify the next step to stop)


ⅶ.Check final result