Mesh Cleanup Tool (LECTA)

Shape Recognition LECTA Automatic Erroneous Mesh Cleaning System Automatic cleaning tool to modify erroneous meshes Works under FORTUNA Works under LATONA Mesh in general


  1. Users are asked to just define the mesh quality standard while the mesh cleaning process will perform fully automatic.
  2. In case of FORTUNALATONA, restriction of fixed nodes are recognized automatically.
  3. For general use, import either
    1. HM file、
    2. NASTRAN file, CAD files(IGES,etc.)
    and the shape recognition feature will separately detect fillet centerline、nodes at boundary lines, fixed nodes、before really cleaning the erroneous meshes.
    The output will be saved in the form of HM or NASTRAN file.
  4. Control parameters are specified below.
    • Shell elements:
      • MIN_HEIGHT
      • MIN_LENGTH
      • MAX_LENGTH
      • WARPING
    • Tetra elements:
      • MIN_HEIGHT

System Requirement:

OSWindows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32bit),
Windows Server 2008R2, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (64bit)
Mesh EngineHyperMesh
Input FileHyperMesh binary file, NASTRAN file, CAD files (IGES,etc.)
Output FileHyperMesh binary file, NASTRAN file
License typeFloating license
License is shared via network server, and multiple licenses can be used simultaneously up to the maximum number available.