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Hirokazu Nishiura

Hirokazu Nishiura


Born in 1953, Nara Perfecture. Graduated from Osaka Perfecture University, Graduate School of Engineering. Established Integral Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007 with main business in development and sales of CAE software for designers in various industries

Company Philosophy

These days, industrial trends demand a speedy design cycle as well as excellent quality standards. After the proliferation of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in the industrial world, there has been a progressive improvement in design analysis precision and cost, which will potentially make experimental trials obsolete. We are working on the development of simulation tools that can be utilized in multi-discipline industrial design. Rapid growth of computer speeds and 3D-CAD technology, which have played an important role in the spread of CAE, are leading the way of digital simulation to replace current methods of parts design. Computer innovation is shifting from the current 32-bit to 64-bit models, which is also promising for CAE. As the innovation in 3D-CAD technology continues, CAE will benefit from improvements in software performance. CAE software and human operators are estimated to replace the current practice of parts design using experimental tests.

On the other hand, the change of market trends to a high-mix low-volume production style also alters methods of design & development. Under these circumstances, the use of digital simulation becomes unavoidable for a shorter design cycle and virtual evaluation. Integral Technology has developed an integrated system based on the existing simulation know-how, providing our customers with a great deal of flexibility. Integration of various types of software is important in order to make the best use of that software, while improving efficiency at management level as well. In the fiercely competitive environment of technology development, we endevour to develop software using minimal resources and therefore slim investment risks for our customers. We frequently check the newest updates from American software companies, ensuring that our customers are always working with the latest system. Since the establishment of our company, we have been committed to developing programs that integrate 3D-CAD and CAE systems, making full use of experienced experts' simulation know-hoe. We aim to meet companies' demand for CAE system expertise, providing a powerful design tool for use at the upper-stream design phase.

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Representative Director President Hirokazu Nishiura