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Generate shell mesh【FORTUNA8】



FORTUNA8 can automatically generate & assemble Body in White for 10 hours Advantages   POINT Reduce development time Reduce manual work Improve output stability Control diverse mesh rule

High-quality output

Automatic mesh generation

FORTUNA8 can generate high-quality & ideal mesh for each feature
Automaticmesh generation


Regenerate mesh for the changed part

By automatically recognizing design change,

FORTUNA8 can regenerate mesh for the changed part while maintaining original mesh for the unchanged part

Shape change adaptation process

ⅰ. Prepare 2 models (Original shape mesh model & CAD model with a part change from original model)

ⅱ. Input both models to FORTUNA8 GUI and execute

This function helps designers for

Efficient evaluation on the regenerated changed part

Speedy evaluation cycle for design optimization process

Automatic mesh generation

Unique features

FORTUNA8 automatically generates optimal mesh by controling mesh pattern Highly recommended for designers and analysis experts Shape recognition Mesh flow control Mesh generation Fillet open Mesh check and modification Output shell mesh Fully automated process improves efficincy forunmanned operation Perfect tool for remote work User can control mesh rule for each feature in modeling FORTUNA8 computes85% fasterthan the previous version

Mesh error modification

FORTUNA8 can significantly reduce manual modification time on quality check

It covers various error modification methods such as:

 〇Minimum length and height

 〇Maximum length

 〇Minimum and maximum angle (QUAD)

 〇Minimum and maximum angle (TRIA)


 〇Aspect ratio


Report output

FORTUNA8 can automatically create report about error modification result

(modification rate & remaining mesh error, etc., )

Automatic mesh error modification

Fillet control

FORTUNA8 can recognize fillet shape by using our unique shape recognition technology

○Generate optimal mesh on fillet based on mesh-rule.

Ignore unnecessary shape

Original result: Detailed shapes cause error mesh

FORTUNA8: Intentionally ignores unnecessary detailed shapes to avoid quality error

Fillet handling

Generation of fillet center line

Original result: No control of fillet

FORTUNA8:Calculate nodes at the fillet center line and generate center line

New R-edge lines are also generated.

Fillet handling

Edge offset

Original result:No control of fillet ridge line

FORTUNA8:Move fillet edges considering mesh quality and mesh rule priority to avoid mesh error

Fillet handling


FORTUNA8 can automatically recognize and assemble all assembly parts within a day

EXAMPLE: Body-in-white with around 400 parts with connector parts for 10 hours


Spot welding

FORTUNA8 automatically generate mesh for spot-welding by calculating coordinates indicated by given points in the input CAD data.

User can select connection patterns for spot-welding depending on the analysis purposes (HEXA or RBE3)


Simple operation

FORTUNA8 Graphical User Interface(GUI)

ⅰ. Prepare input file and parameter files

ⅱ. Simply drag & drop CAD model files on FORTUNA8 Graphic User Interface(GUI)


ⅲ. Select "LIST AND SETUP"


→Now ready for parameter setup


ⅴ. Parameter setup

 〇Environment setup:Select from "STRENGTH/COLLISION/NVH"

 〇QUALITY:Quality file(.qual)

 〇CONTROL1:Control file(.ctr)

 〇CONTROL2:Control file(.ctr)


ⅵ. After completing parameter setup, select the same style name as using parameter name

→ Click “START” button to start execution


ⅶ. Mesh generation

→During execution, GUI status displays“IN PROGRESS”

→The current process in mesh generation is displayed by progress bar


ⅷ. Completion of mesh generation

→Once the mesh generation process is completed, FORTUNA8 GUI status changes to“FINISH”

→Output final result named“”