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Generate solid mesh【FORTUNA8s】



FORTUNA8s can automatically generate & assemble power-train model in 15 hours Advantages   POINT Reduce development time Reduce manual work Improve output stability Control diverse mesh rule

High-quality Output

Shape recognition

FORTUNA8s can recognize each shape precisely by using our unique shape recognition technology

Analyze shape characteristics from geometry data of fillet center line, hole diameter, etc.,

It enables

High-quality outer shape traceability

High-quality detailed shape representation

Shape recognition

Automatic mesh generation

FORTUNA8s can generate high-quality mesh with precise mesh control for analysis-purposes
Automatic mesh generation

Unique Features

Optimal mesh generation for the specified final mesh size & quality criteria Highly recommended for designers and analysis experts Shape recognition Mesh flow control Mesh generation Fillet open Mesh check and modification Output solid mesh Fully automated process improves efficincy forunmanned operation Perfect tool for remote work User can define mesh control rule for each feature during modeling FORTUNA8s computes93% fasterthan the previous version

Mesh error modification

FORTUNA8s can improve mesh quality by applying appropriate mesh error modification

Example: Aspect-ratio error modification

ⅰ. Find the main cause of mesh error analyzing parameters & apply the most suitable modification method whoile considering

 〇Type of mesh error

 〇Number of mesh error

 〇Condition of fixed nodes adjacent to mesh error

 〇Mesh condition adjacent to error mesh

ⅱ. Select the most suitable modification method

 Select "INSERT NODE" method

 Modify the found defect/errors

ⅲ. Regenerate and evaluate result

 Pick better quality mesh as evaluating modified result

Mesh error modification


FORTUNA8s can automatically search and detect the location of screw & seating-face & assemble them

To avoid mesh error, FORTUNA8s automitically calculates optimal mesh result for each part


Automatic search for the screw hole

FORTUNA8s automatically analyzes each shape by gathering hole/cylinder properties information such as

 〇Angular deviation between cylinders axis direction

 〇Distance between cylinders

 〇The difference of cylindrical radius


Automatic paring of screw&hole

〇Automatic detection of screw location & generation of the final mesh output

〇Automatic assembly by searching the adjacent cylinders for possible pairing checking radius, axis direction & position

〇Generate high-quality mesh by controlling division number for chamfers at the pairing cylinders


Simple Operation

FORTUNA8s Graphical User Interface(GUI)

ⅰ. Prepare input file and parameter files

ⅱ. Simply drag & drop CAD model files on FORTUNA8s Graphic User Interface(GUI)


ⅲ. Select "LIST AND SETUP"


→Now ready for parameter setup


ⅴ. Parameter setup

 〇QUALITY:Quality file(.qual)

 〇CONTROL:Control file(.ctr)


ⅵ. After completing parameter setup, select the same style name as using parameter name

→ Click “START” button to start execution


ⅶ. Mesh generation

→During execution, GUI status displays “IN PROGRESS”

→The current process in mesh generation is displayed by progress bar


ⅷ. Completion of mesh generation

→Once the mesh generation process is completed, FORTUNA8s GUI status changes to“FINISH”

→Output final result named“”