Automatic Mesh Generation Tool (FORTUNA)

Shape Recognition FORTUNA 8s Automatic Mesh Generating System Automatic rule-based mesh generation tool Options for rule-based mesh generation Crash, NVH, strength analysis LECTA is included
Mesh result of FORTUNA Solid


  1. Basic features
    • Mesh size variations
    • Mesh quality setting
    • Generation of tetrameshes
  2. Shape Recognition
    • Fillet
    • Cylinder
    • Small steps
  3. Modification for Tetra meshes
    • Error criterion of minimum/maximum height

Illustration of FORTUNA execution:

  • Execution by GUI
    Simply drag and drop the input HM model into the GUI and execution will be processed according to the order of inputted models.
  • Batch execution
    Execution method by batch process where HM file name is inputted as parameter.

Mesh generation by ignoring the unnecessary lines

Deletion of unnecessary lines by FORTUNA (Ex.1) Deletion of unnecessary lines by FORTUNA (Ex.2)

Controlled fillet/cylinder mesh (control of mesh flow using R-TRIA)

Fillet and cylinder treatment by FORTUNA

System Requirements:

Operating System (OS)Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server2016,Windows Server2019 (64bit)
Memory2GB or higher
Mesh EngineHyperMesh(14.0,2017,2019)
Input FileHyperMesh binary file, CAD file (IGES, etc.)
Output FileHyperMesh binary file, NASTRAN file
License typeFloating license
License is shared via network server, and multiple licenses can be used simultaneously up to the maximum number available.