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  • For those that are thinking of software that is user-friendly for CAE designers
    We support the construction and customization of NAVIAEO navigation system. Development kit is written in XML language.
    To allow our customer to develop their own navigation system, we hold workshop/seminar to provide necessary information in building tree menu.
  • Case Study using HyperMesh
    Clusters of HyperMesh commands, commonly in the form of macros, are grouped together as one menu under NAVIAEO,
    and displayed in Japanese inside HyperMesh platform.
snapshot of NAVIAEO

Case Study of XML for building tree menu

1st row(MENU)
Used to build tree hierarchy
1st row(Tip)
Used to display tips when cursor hits the designated tree menu
1st row(MENUID)
Used to assign menu ID number (ID number should be for each menu), especially for the control of menu display. Inactive menu will be shown in grey color.
3rd row(GUIDE)
Used to show messages as guideline when mouse click is made for the designated menu (this message is not necessarily defined)
5th row(CMD)
Used to set button types shown in tree menu
6th row(SET)
Used to set variable name inside NAVIAEO.
11th row - 17th row(EDIT, etc.)
Used to set input form shown in tree menu.
18th row(PROGRAM)
Used to specify which Perl program is executed when OK button is clicked (multiple programs can be defined)

System Requirements:

OSWindows Server 2000, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
Memorymore than 256MB
Software platformHyperMesh, ADVENTURECluster, etc.
License typeFloating license
License is shared via network server, and multiple licenses can be used simultaneously up to the maximum number available.